4 audiovisual posters for Ryoji Ikeda

A project using shapes to create expressive type for Ryoji Ikeda's work.

Data. tron / Test Pattern

The Planck Universe / Supercodex

A Psychogeographic Observation of Two Places

A Psychogeographic Observation of Two Places is a video exploring the BT Tower and a spontaneous journey to an abandoned playground in Hackney Wick. The two places hold no resemblance, yet they clash from the outside in, to the inside out. I started with photography then film became a way to explore the two places. Watch a graphic designers interpretation of space through his thoughts, observations, and exploration of the established and the gentrified.

missed connections

A "missed connection" is a type of personal advertisement which arises after two people meet but are too shy or otherwise unable to exchange contact details. In this project I apply contemporary editorial design to emphasise the creativity and personality behind the posts.

This self initiated project was an exploration into online worlds and communities. Craiglist's Missed Connections ad page caught my eye with a huge range of expressive and interesting ads that become lost within a hours due to the amount of posts submitted daily.


This project was for The Design Museum's opening of their new building. Their brief was to create a system to show the importance of design through objects in the museum.

I used the Olivetti Valentine typewriter as an example to show how the keyboard has evolved through time - from ink on paper, to touch screens. Over time design changes for different purposes but what I was fascinated with was how this adapts to our use from the past to the present and eventually affecting the future of design.

I created a process video shows my evaluation and the creation of my final outcome.