Berrun's work focuses on editorial, typography and information design. With a keen interest in producing simple, yet bold designs.
Next Up - UAL

Designing an identity for Next Up, an event organised by the University of the Arts London.
This was a live brief in which we were asked to design a visual identity for Next Up, which is an annual event run by the university for final year graphic design and illustration students. The aim of the event is to encourage students to get information on postgraduate courses, be apart of discussions with alumni, hear from industry experts and network.
This identity was shortlisted and then chosen by the Next Up committee to become the new identity of Next Up 2017.

Public/Private (Two points)

Select two physical locations and work to explore, document and communicate their attributes, similarities and differences in a series of different of ways:
The two points that I selected for this project were two points located within my bedroom. Point One was a public space in which I displayed my most cherished objects, Some of which had positive messages. Others were everyday objects which I were proud of and wanted to share. Some even represented
/encouraged for a brighter future. Point Two was a private keepsake box. Most objects inside had negative connotations. They represented a past time. Things that were kept secret, hidden and not to be shared.

Blurred Lines

The physical version of my Final year Thesis.

"Exploring the Impact that Hyper Sexualisation Has on Young Girls: The influence of Popular Music Videos and lyrics."

Visual Systems: Ryoji Ikeda

Four Posters