Ieva Misiukonyte Portfolio [email protected]
Beauty with purpose, a love for the printed page, typography, shapes and all things that challenge and encourage experimentation.

With editorial design, books and publications being a big part of my creative practice, I'm keen on combining various interests and collaborating with other designers in order to produce bold and exciting work, which sometimes includes unexpected outcomes.

Inspiration finds me embracing many different kinds of thoughts and ideas, observing the mundane and unnoticeable, remembering snatches of recent conversations and being open to surprises.
Ryoji Ikeda — Visual Systems

Four posters — a coordinated visual system in a cultural context — announce a short season of Ryoji Ikeda’s audiovisual performances at ZKM, Karlsruhe.

The Library of Babel

The Library of Babel is an unconventionally bound book that was designed by making a series of graphic interventions into a short literary text written by Jorge Luis Borges. Being an exploration of the area of book design and visual storytelling, three different versions (typographic, image only, type & image) convey the chaotic, maddening aspect of the story and allow the reader to create the meaning by escaping the linear narrative structure.

Process Book

Being a collated evidence of an in-depth process of research and analysis, process book captures different concepts and key stages in design development. The spreads show a range of visual tests, experiments and alternative designs for Ryoji Ikeda posters as well as The Library of Babel.