Arby Hisenaj [email protected]
I see myself as a keen learner with a broad skill-set such as editorial design, typography, interaction design, product design and basic coding. My work tends to mimic critical design in that, it opens up questions both in its meaning and its production, with an aim of innovation and creativity driving every project.
Ryoji Ikeda: Visual Systems

A poster series attempting to find the space in between digital and analogue through aesthetic and production. The isometric gothic typeface combines these in the analogue nature of blackletter and the digitised grid used to form it. Its also designed on a digital screen and then printing using screen-print.

Mr Warm-Fuzzy

An interactive nuclear bomb model (3D Printed) with a thermal printer and micro-computer housed inside. Users can interact with the model using the #mrwarmfuzzy hashtag on twitter to trigger a game loaded onto the micro-computer. The game utilises the functionality of the thermal printer in creative and engaging way to raise awareness of the destructive nature of nuclear bombs.

Acrobat Reader

Inspired by 'Lottery in Babylon' (by Borges), this project aims to balance will and chance in an creative exercise. Using the text as a template, I generated a poems from the words found in it, as well as generating constellations to match the positioning of every word and star signs to accompany the words chosen to make the poem.

FMP Process Book

A combination of skills acquired through the GMD course utilised in the production of this book.