Hilma has a strong passion for branding and a love of print and patterns,whilst always looking to explore other areas. Her work process involves a lot of experimentation, exploration and testing, with the aim to create work that is 'out of the box' and unique.

The idea behind the brief was to combine two disciplines and create an event or festival. I decided to combine Architecture and Interactive Design to create a festival of projections that moves from city to city and has 8 locations in each city. The brand shape changes each time the festival moves, making the brand dynamic, and each colour represents a different element of the brand.


The brief required me to document two locations in any ways that interested me. I decided to photograph each location, then gathered shapes collected from the images.
The end result is the combination of both locations as one thorough exploration of shapes, I call it 'Shapeology'.


The brief required me to design and create an identity to promote the Next Up event, a one day conference for final year communication students at UAL Colleges.
I wanted to create something simple but eye-catching with a little bit of pop, inspired by mathematical equations, as the main point of the conference is to inspire the students for their future career paths.