A proud Yorkshireman with a keen interest in printmaking and editorial design. I like a hands on approach where I can experiment across a variety of mediums and collaborate with lots of other exciting designers. I aim to express a strong personality through my work and often try to incorporate other interests and passions in the process and outcome. See football and beer for examples.
Funes The Memorious

This project, entitled Acrobat Reader, takes the story Funes The Memorious by Jorge Luis Borges and readapts it into three separate editions; type only, image only, and type and image.

Following the stories protagonist and his peculiar mind, the design explores the notion of time across the three restrictions.

The type only edition turns each page into an exactly one minute long extract, which rotates within its bounding text box like the hand of a minute clock.

The image only edition uses the photographic method of cyanotype prints, exposing negative images, representing each page, using natural sunlight. Each page is progressively one minute more exposed than the last.

The type and image edition combines both styles and invites the reader to interact with the story and time. Each page is a french fold with a perforated edge. Once torn open, the inside of the page is lined with cyanotype chemicals, allowing the viewer to expose the images themselves in sunlight.

The Moon Under The Water

The Moon Under The Water is a study into the social differences between pubs in the North and South of England. Focusing on two specific points, The Big 6 in Halifax and The Tiger in Camberwell, the project was heavily research based across a variety of different methods and included many field trips across the country.

The final outcome was the accumulated documentation of this study in a dos-à-dos bound magazine / pub paper. Alongside this was handmade beer mats, crafted to collect first-hand data from pub goers. Altogether, these were represented by both a North and South side, highlighting the interesting findings and allowing the viewer to draw their own conclusions.


Playmaker is a prospective conference discussing the role of design within football culture. The project included selecting a roster of speakers and then devising a dynamic and typographic branding system. As the project is aimed at football fans and designers, this allowed the outputs to be specific and unique.

The typographic systems loosely follow the formations, movements and positions of football players on a field. Interactive elements of the project allowed the viewer to drag their own formations before submitting the graphic themselves. Merchandise included a typographic football scarf and the programme took the form of a traditional matchday publication.