Mizuki Yamada [email protected]
Graphic designer from Tokyo, Japan, particularly interested in illustration, print, branding and editorial.
ANALOG Film Photography and Arts Festival

ANALOG is an organisation that celebrates film photography and photographic arts for all film camera lovers. Not only it organises international photography events and activities, but also supports to revitalise local communities in the sites featuring young photographers and artists. ANALOG gives an great opportunity to understand and respect the traditional method of photography in this digital age and teaches to enjoy the process for producing pieces by taking a long time.

Personal Interpretation of concept of 'Patience is a virtue' and work culture in Japan

This self initiated project is a visual interpretation of a basic concept for Japanese people, 'Patience is a virtue' which is often used as an excuse of overwork in Japan. For its outcome, I produced an A4 book including a series of illustrations and interviews.

Osterley House exhibition design

This project asked students to design a new exhibition that would be held at Osterley House. The client, National Trust wanted move it away from traditional, static and text heavy exhibitions to more visual and creative methods of communication. My idea is exhibiting illustrated icons of important historical objects at Osterley.