Keenen Sutherland is a London based graphic designer interested in print, digital, identity, and typography. He also enjoys producing design which creates an interactive experience for the user, through the use of both digital and print media.
Nostalgia Through Colour

This self initiated project is a visual response to research which was undertaken, into the subject matter of nostalgia. Taking this into consideration, a series of 3 gradients have been produced to illustrate emotions, through the smooth blending of shades from dark to light. In addition to this, each gradient has been designed to represent a clock dial going back in time.

Lottery In Babylon

Two creative solutions (publications) which both act as visual interpretations of the short story by Jorge Luis Borges

Ex Machina's Influence

A written thesis on how the science fiction film 'Ex Machina' has managed to influence our perception of Artificial Intelligence.