Jenelle is a multi-disciplinary designer who is enthusiastic about motion graphics, information design and illustration. She has gained industry experience in USA, Hong Kong and UK through internships at Apple California, Pentagram, Landor and ico Design.
The Twelve Disciples

An infographic poster and brochure which introduces the history of the twelve disciples of Jesus Christ and their journey of spreading the gospel in the first century.

Concept: Through my subject research of existing biblical infographics, I noticed many designs with geographic information were either very traditional looking or vectorised and labeled with poor typography choices. As a result, my final outcome featured a more contemporary map which documented the disciples' journeys in the Apostolic Age.

The Future

A title sequence created for a fictional documentary series based on Al Gore’s book, The Future (2013) which introduces the six drivers of global change.

Concept: The title sequence is a fast paced animation which has the purpose of reflecting the vast, overwhelming and complex content that Gore presents for each global driver. The glitch effects and repetition applied to Gore’s quotes at the beginning and the end represents the sense of emergency but also maintains a positive tone. The use of hexagons also represents the number of global drivers which are deeply interconnected with each other.

x-Height Festival

Marketing collateral based on a dynamic identity for x-Height, a fictional festival which celebrates typography and spatial design. The "x" represents a typographic letterform as well as the cross between the two different design disciplines, whereas "Height" is a crucial component of spatial structures.

Concept: The dynamic logo comprises of building blocks which can be stacked vertically to represent the total number of days for the design festival in a specific location. A gradient colour scheme was used to symbolise the integration of the two different disciplines to form this event. Bold colours were used because monumental and spatial typography aims to stand out and draw attention to its form and message.